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BUSINESS PORTRAIT / HEADSHOTS (Includes 3 finished images)


*Price includes Vat

Our Business Package includes:

  • A pre-shoot phone consultation with our corporate photographer
  • Up to a one-hour appointment (weekday only) photoshoot where we will capture a wide variety of shots and backgrounds, tailored to suit your corporate image needs.
  • A one-hour allocation for post-production time to edit selected images (with standard retouching*), suitable for most business needs.
  • x3 Digital Images professionally retouched* images of your choice

*Standard Retouching included is based on colour/cropping adjustments, removal of blemishes, retouching teeth/wrinkle reductions etc.

Optional extras: –

  • Any additional single subject images thereafter are priced at just £35 + Vat each
  • Any additional Group images (2-5 people) are priced at £50 + Vat each**
  • Group shots with over 6 people are priced at £75 + Vat each**
  • Additional hour exclusive use of studio and photographers time added to the photoshoot, priced at £65 + Vat
  • ‘non-standard retouching’ would for instance be more complex/time-consuming editing needs such head swaps on group shots and multiple extra bespoke adjustments to suit your company branding needs are charged extra at £50+ Vat per hour.

**Group shots are surcharged due to the extra time needed in the post-production selection and final editing stages, with multiple subjects to retouch as opposed to just a single individual.