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Within our table top range we have two styles of frame mouldings, the ‘Gift’ and the ‘Bespoke’. Our ‘Gift’ range includes an elegant black narrow frame whilst the ‘Bespoke’ range is a superior upgrade option allowing greater personalisation to suit your taste, with more colour and moulding choices to match / compliment your larger wall product options.

FROM £85
*Further discounts available (subject to your overall order) these can start from just £65 – please ask*


A single image set within a presentation border. The smaller ones are ideal for a sequence of 3 or more separate frames hanging together, typically for a staircase, or a hallway. The larger options give ‘a classic gallery style’ for feature walls.

All Keyline™ products are available in a variety of frame styles and colours, from contemporary, classic to vintage chic to match your décor and budget.

FROM £195
(Or from as little as £97.50 when purchased as part of our current special offers*)


A single image framed flush (without a border) to create a bolder impact. Aperture™ products are available with glass or matt laminated (a protected wipeable surface – non-reflective). The larger options make a fantastic statement piece.

All Aperture products are available in a variety of frame styles from contemporary to modern classic, in both Premier or Ultra mouldings. The deeper/wider moulding options really enhance the dramatic impact of this product range, particularly on the larger statement sizes.

FROM £295
(Or from as little as £147.50 when purchased as part of our current special offers*)


We offer collections of either 3,6,7 or 9 images all individually composed to work together creatively within a single frame. The finish can be the same as any of the three main wall ranges; either Keyline (framed with a presentation border), Aperture – (framed with a very minimal border – so bigger images) or as an Artbloc (for a very minimal presentation).

A fantastic way of displaying more of your images together..

FROM £585
(Or from as little as £292.50 when purchased as part of our current special offers*)


The Edge™ is very minimal in its appearance.

This range is a fantastic way of showing your images in a contemporary style that suits virtually any interior wall, from a simple white wall to brick or heavy wallpaper pattern.

Due to its unique fittings it hugs completely flush to the wall creating a great dimension and an extremely sharp overall effect. This is a very durable, smooth laminated product which never requires cleaning – a vastly superior quality alternative to a canvas!

FROM £395
(Or from as little as £197.50 when purchased as part of our current special offers*)


Although we specialise in Wall Products to create beautiful décor features within your home, we also offer the option of buying smaller digital images for your own digital presentation / novelty / social media applications, with permission to make small multiple reproduction copies & prints of your own (for details on size information, please ask for details).

Typically 35-40 images on a USB stick £750
(or from just £350* when purchased as part of our special offers*)

These are available from £25* to £75 dependant on special offers*

We will explain all the applicable offers and the reproduction sizes to you in greater detail at your viewing.


Many clients choose to ‘spread the cost’ of their portraits over several months with our internal easy payment plan which allows you to pay for your order in stages to suit everyone’s budget with no interest.

This enables our customers to maximise our special offers and make the most of our amazing deals without having to pay all in one go at the viewing.

To take advantage of this facility, we typically take 20% deposit at the viewing (can be flexible if required). No credit checks required and you can choose to pay on any day of the month you wish, at a frequency that fits around your pay day; whether that be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even every four weeks etc. This means we can personally tailor it to your individual needs and you can pay off sooner at any point, with no catches. Your bank card & account details are required at the viewing itself to take advantage of this.

Please ask our team for more details of how our easy payment plan works.