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We hear so many stories from parents who say it’s nigh on impossible to get a portrait of their teenager or grown up kids, and we can totally sympathise with this.

It’s a transition period. They’re not children anymore and often feel embarrassed at the thought of being in front of a professional camera.

We experience this many many times when families arrive at our studio for their photo shoot with us. We can tell that they’re often very apprehensive and would rather be anywhere else. Inhibitions have developed about being photographed by someone they don’t know.

We’re very experienced in these situations. Not many teenagers have the outlook of an aspiring teen model turning up for a model photoshoot, but we can pretty much guarantee that early on in the session, any shyness will have disappeared, and by the end, you’ll have to drag them out the studio!!



As our kids mature into young adults, they’re technically no longer children but deep down, they will always be ‘our kids’.

All families reach a point where our offspring are ready to fly the nest, or perhaps they’re already long gone, but no matter what, we’ll always miss them (well, most of the time!)
Our kids may eventually go on to create the next generation, who at that point will inevitably become the new focus of all the family – so it’s at this stage before this next generation comes along that is perhaps our last chance to capture who they will always be to us . . ‘our kids’, as grown-ups. This also makes a great time to capture the grown-up kids as a group with their cousins as presents for the grandparents?.

There are so many poignant moments that give the perfect reason for a portrait with these young adults – a big milestone birthday, graduation, an imminent move abroad, or perhaps an impending trip around the world; the list is endless!

So before they start their next chapter, we can help you create the perfect memories to wrap up their childhood before they take their next steps to become ‘proper grown-ups’.

Or, why not join in the shoot yourselves? . . It’s also a perfect opportunity for you, as parents, to be a part of these memories and so why not take this opportunity to capture the bond you will always have with your children before the next generation arrives? Our Family and Generation Portrait Experience is the perfect way to capture the whole lot in one shoot, where you can still get the kids on their own, as well as with the parents (and even include the aunties, uncles, Grandparents) where you can cover all the combinations in one go?.

If however, it’s definitely ‘just shots of the kids’ you’re after, then this Teenagers & Young Adults package is the one for you!



Our studio is located in the centre of Shipley, which is conveniently located within easy road connectivity to all surrounding towns and areas. We are also less than a five minute walk from Shipley strain station, directly connected to both the Skipton to Leeds and Bradford lines. We have clients that travel to us from throughout Yorkshire and the UK.

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We look forward to showing you why we are well worth the journey! However far you are travelling to us, we hope that once you’ve found out for yourself how passionate we are about making a quality portrait such good fun and special to you, you will never want to go anywhere else!